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Mike W. Rogers – Screenwriter – Ancient cultures consultant

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Linkedin and Steiny


Newport Rhode Island USA

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Steiny asked me to help out with the development of the Navy Diver in Sentient Australia.


Mike W. Rogers was born in Alexandria, Virginia and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. The younger brother of a Navy SEAL and the son of a Dr. of Statistics from Stanford University, Mike stopped trying at an early age. Like most who have given up all hope for family adoration, Mike turned to writing Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller, and Horror Screenplays.
Recently, Mike’s work was recognized by The Film Daily Screenwriting Competition for Best Sci-Fi Screenplay. Mike has been a member of Roadmap Writers since 2017 and served as a Moderator for their OnRamp Program’s Monday Meet-ups.
“I was an Archeology Major, Anthropology Minor at the University of New Mexico and have always been fascinated by ancient cultures. I have always wanted to blend myth and reality into a modern Sci-Fi, Adventure stories.”

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