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Michael Lockett – Writer / Producer / Director / UX Designer

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I’m a screenwriter… so I love telling stories. As much as I like spinning a good yarn, I don’t care much for talking about myself but it’s kinda what you do here, so… to make this quick, fun, and painless here’s 5 quick things about me and my work.1. I work with big and small producers, companies, brands, and individuals creating stories for their audience by creating and curating unique experiences.2. I’m a technophile who loves the freedom and creativity our modern times afford me. Right now I am deep diving on AR/VR and AI for storytelling.3. How did I get here (in the work sense)? Creative (designer/art director/artist) who’s bad at novel writing tries screenplays. Quickly and happily falls down the rabbit hole of screenwriting and filmmaking. The same guy then feels the pull to really help people/communities and adds UX to the quiver.4. After a loved one’s death, it struck me how cathartic and it is to connect with people over what makes us human, vulnerable, and imperfect. It might seem odd, but shared experiences and universal stories are those bonds. They helped me and made me want to help others.5. What is my “job”?: I tell stories. I help others tell stories. And, I make it easy for viewers/users to fall in love with those stories and the people and companies that create them.Want to know more? Let’s connect and then talk over coffee or tea.