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Marta Fergusson – Global Music Business Professional/Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur

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Queensland Australia

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CEO & Founder

Artists First Society (AFS)…. where artists support their fellow artists and established artists are given opportunities to fast track their career in music! AFS operates as an initiative under my global music business and artist representation business, Revolution Music Records Group Australia (RMR).

AFS launched globally at the end of May 2015. My team and I are actively working with 7 musicians/artists on their goals and ensuring that they have all the correct tools they need and are connected with the correct industry professionals that will help them achieve everything that has been identified in their individual action plans!

I believe in being the example FIRST and by this I can tell you that I am living proof that if you work hard enough on your passion, they will eventually turn into a career!!is what AFS is all about and why I am so driven to see others succeed, as I have been fortunate enough to have done for myself – but it didn’t come easy!

Personal Travel Manager

Through RMR, I offer travel booking services to global music industry professionals, as well as musicians and artists. I am able to cater and supply complete travel arrangements for touring musicians on a global scale.

This extends to providing personalised travel services to anyone within the music and broader entertainment industry, to attend worldwide music festivals and entertainment events, as well as other industry related projects! I work with global promoters, managers, producers, publicists and artists directly on individual itineraries and group tour bookings.

ABOUT ME (The short version)….

“My passion and drive in life was realised when I began singing at age 6. The connection between wanting to help others through music and the arts was born in my early teens. I volunteered at a refuge in Canberra for troubled teens while performing myself as the lead singer in various cover bands. My love for music and my charitable nature led to the formation of an RnB band of teenagers at refuge, who then went on to support Craig David at his Canberra concert in 1999. Music kept this group of troubled teens off the streets and on a main stage, a dream come true for four young men of Canberra. In 2001 I moved to Queensland to chase MY dream. Within 9 months of moving, Primo Events was born and for the next 8 years I would work tirelessly coordinating local music festivals from conception to delivery. This was only the start of something big!!!!”


Quotes that inspire

“Change is only a metaphor for the word BETTER.
We better ourselves as we follow the course of our life’s journey, as just like a camera has become better and more efficient over the years, it still only takes one photo at a time.
Its process has not changed, it has become better as technology has improved.
So too we will always be who we are, but a better copy of ourselves emerges as we mature through our years.nderestimate the strength in your intention. If you can think it, you can DO IT!!”

I welcome you to join my Facebook community page THE DREAM THE POWER –

I created this page so we could come together and be inspired by the power we all hold within us to do what we truly want to do. The time will never come for you to quit your day job and pursue your dream, wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a ‘perfect time’ to do everything that truly inspires us! Unless we make TODAY that day and take the leap of faith into the unknown, we will forever be stuck doing what doesn’t make us tick. The only thing ticking along is time……….. and we all have plenty of it, what we do with it is what really matters.
Blessings!!!! 🙂