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Josh Daniels – Actor

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Born in Manhattan, NY and moved to West Orange, NJ shortly after his birth, it was not long before Josh’s penchant for performing came along. Exposed to films, movies, and performance at a very young age, he immediately fell in love with movies of nearly every genre. Compelled, it wasn’t long before he wanted to make and star in his own movies.

Josh Daniels is an actor, known for his work on “Law & Order: SVU”, Investigation Discovery’s “Shadow of Doubt”, and “My Dirty Little Secret”, Biography’s “Celebrity Ghost Stories”, as well as other various projects. Josh was trained and continues to train with the LaGuardia Acting Studio. He also spent over a decade as a professional wrestler on the national and international circuit; learning performance skills, improvisation, discipline, and drive.

Josh thrives on intelligence, teamwork, creativity, challenges, and progress. He is compelled and driven, specifically when it comes to learning, performing, and acting.
– IMDb Mini Biography By: ~ A. Nonamass