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John W Gordy – Light, sound and atmosphere

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Linkedin and Steiny


Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark

About me

I’m creative, intellectual, artistic, faithful, honest, sincere & compassionate. I have worked in show-biz (Light & Sound) most of my life (in Theatres, Shows, Concerts, Hotels & Restaurants all over Sweden and sometimes in US, UK, Denmark & the French Riviera).Since 11 years ago I’m also a Music Composer, mostly Film Music, it gives more money – and I still have my anonymity intact. I also compose World/Ethnic/New Age music with or without Modern Jazz or Classic influences, Smooth Modern Jazz, Contemporary Classical Music & Piano pieces… Forte / Keyboards is my main instrument but I’m cheating on Trumpet, Clarinet, Flutes & Percussion. I have access to over 4000 acoustic PMI instruments via my Keyboards. Played the Cello when I was younger.I had my years of fame, working with Stevie Wonder, Phantom of the Opera…you name it .I still take on light/sound installations jobs like Wallman’s Salonger in Malmö from may 1997, Wallman’s in Stockholm, at Cirkus-bygningen, København, in Oslo, Helsingborg and back to Malmö for Golden Hits/Schlagerbaren… degree in Archaeology at Aarhus University, Denmark, which is about the same as a PhD in Sweden (Archaeology, Osteology, Social Anthropology, Religious History, Ancient Culture and Social Life, Psychology …) 10 years of Archaeological Research/Surveys in Jutland (Denmark)