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Jas Dhanda is an Indian-born actress with multifaceted talent and a unique look that transcends many regions of the world including South Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. She speaks five languages and is a multidisciplinary dancer with a specialty in Classical Indian Dance. Jas’ career highlights include winning international film festival awards including a Golden Ace Award in Las Vegas, Golden Palm Award in Mexico, and a Jury Award in Vancouver for her appearances as the leading lady in the feature film titled “Aisha and Rahul”. She has also built a stunning portfolio of numerous short films, commercials, music videos, and modelling samples. Jas’ past also includes ten years of community theatre and stage plays, as well as five years of training in film & television acting with various coaches in Toronto. When Jas is not on set, she can be found performing stand-up comedy, spoken word, hosting an event, and making people burst out laughing with her improv at many independent stages across Toronto.


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