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My name is Hope. I am 12 years old & I would describe myself as weird, lovable, dorky, sweet. My passion is acting. I love to act it’s been my passion since I was 3. When I act it makes me feel happy & complete. I just filmed a guest staring role on TBS “The Detour”. It was my 1st timey own trailor. I realized dreams do come true, as long as you work hard & train hard. My family is very supportive. Especially my mom & dad. They tell me all time to do what makes ME happy & that I can do whatever I want as long as I work for it. I work hard at what I love. I am the type of kid that would rather act & work then play. I do like to play I am a kid so of course I do but I also love doing what I love. My mom said I have always wanted to be the center of attention & I have never been shy. I can get in front of a crowd & embarrass myself. I love to smile & laugh & make others smile & laugh. I love zombies & horror movies. The Walking Dead is my favorite TV show. Robert Downey Jr , Mark Wahlburg & Norman Reedus are my favorite actors l. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I think I am different & unique. I have been described by other’s as Confident. The lady who I modeled for at New York City Fashion Week had me model in front of all the teenagers & said If you look up the word Confident you will see Hope Perry. I choose to be an actress because ever since I was 3 I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I would put on little skits all the time, even in the bathroom. I would love to play “television”, where I would tell my friends we were doing a play & I would give out characters & I would act like I was on television. I was improvising but didn’t know it was called that back then. Once I went to acting & modeling classes at JC, I started to like modeling too. I love people. I want to be a role model one day. I love animals! I work with several acting coaches & go to about 4 a month. I would go to more if we had the money. What motivates me is knowing I can do anything I want as long as I work hard. Dreams are meant to come true. Something I really don’t like is bullying. I have had a problem with it in school & other kids kill their self because people bully them. I hate bullying.
What inspires me to act is making people feel something. I want to make the character come to life! I love storytelling. Its never been about money, its about doing what I love.


Quotes that inspire

“You can be a HERO to someone, just by being their FRIEND! -Ray Rice
Don’t make your dreams, dreams…make them reality! -me & my mom
Things that are meant to be, will be, if its meant to be. ♡ ~ A actor friend said this
Hope, Faith & Charity. -my teacher from 3rd grade.
If nothing changes, nothing changes.
stand up to bully’s.