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Deddy Tzur – EP, Composer, China liaison

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Linkedin and Steiny


Sydney Australia

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Deddy Tzur is an award winning composer and business man in the creative industries worldwide. He has composed, conducted and produced music for films, concert halls, television shows, video games, and new media. His collective credits include: ‘The Golden compass’, Transformers”, ‘The Avengers’, ‘Digimon’, ‘Pirates of the caribbean’, ‘Lost Planet’, ‘The Bachelor’, ‘Addams Family’ and many more. Deddy’s music has been featured on well known TV shows including as ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’, ‘TMZ’, ‘MAD’ and a variety of CNN specials.In recent years, Deddy has worked with Chinese filmmakers and producers. He composed for many major feature films: such as “Impossible” for director Sun Zhou, “Son of the Stars” for renowned Shanghai director Chen Miao,” Memoirs of Beijing” for CCTV leading director Gu June and collaborated with renowned actors such as Liu Ye & wang BaoQiang.Deddy co-founded China Product Placement, a fast-growing and dynamic cross-border marketing company that specialises in Chinese entertainment and services brands breaking in and out of China.Born in the Netherlands, raised in Israel, educated in the US and conversational in several languages, Deddy has proudly conducted musicians from: The Prague Philharmonic, Beijing, Jerusalem and Seattle Symphony orchestras.


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Every fear hides a wish – David Mamet