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Davin Eastley – Mathematician – Finance and Philosophy Graduate – Writer

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Tasmania Australia

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I am an articulate, deeply creative and capable mathematician with an award-winning graduate degree in corporate finance (and an additional major in financial analysis). I have recently embarked upon a part-time Master of Arts (MA) in Writing and Literature with Deakin University, expanding upon my earlier undergraduate degree in Philosophy (minoring in English and History). As a result, I am effectively able to straddle between disparate fields in STEM, business, and the humanities / creative arts with breadth, depth, and clarity of thought.I am an innovative, deep, broad and insightful thinker with a passion for problem-solving and theory-building. I love ‘connecting the dots’ between diverse disciplines and styles of thought — and communicating my insights in an understandable and engaging fashion to diverse audiences. I pursue excellence and actively orient myself towards substantially adding value in my endeavours, drawing upon my growth mindset and my strong sense of integrity, principle, and loyalty.I am a very capable strategist with refined leadership skills and an ability to effectively execute projects to a high standard, as evidenced throughout my academic career to date. I successfully completed first-year undergraduate studies in computer science while studying with the University of Tasmania, in which I went on to receive a High Distinction for a major project that strengthened my skills in Java programming, algorithmic analysis, software documentation and core software engineering principles. Additionally, I had exposure to other sciences and disciplines such as chemistry during these studies.My mathematical interests are broad; the Graduate Diploma I completed with Charles Sturt University saw me deepen my knowledge in analytical and numerical techniques while giving me exposure to advanced statistical techniques that built upon my earlier graduate finance training. Additionally, I actively read in pure mathematics – topics such as algebraic topology, modern algebra, category theory, number theory and mathematical physics never fail to fascinate me or spark my desire for continued learning.I have developed modelling skills in MS Excel and Maple as a result of my graduate training and a greater interest in mathematical finance, financial economics and investment processes more generally.New and exciting challenges that leverage my skills and allow me to add meaningful value are welcome. Should you have an opportunity fit-for-purpose, please connect / write me ( I look forward to hearing from you!