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David James Nielsen – Composer

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Linkedin and Steiny


Orlando Florida USA

About me

David James Nielsen provides high quality original music for media, as well as for the concert hall.  His creative work ranges from computer-based synth scores, to full orchestral music.  Each of David’s scores are created in his home studio, which are either brought to life through an array of talented musicians, or through the best sounding synthesizers and samples available.

Through his work composing for television and film, David has developed strong, flexible skills that would be of value to almost any film and television production company. He is passionate, dedicated, motivated, and highly committed to creating quality work.  David is also a person with great people skills, and works well as a team player.

If you would like to hire David to compose an original score for your film, television, or video project, please feel free to contact him at or 323-308-0760.  He would be happy to answer all of your questions, and to discuss the direction of your musical needs.