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Carolyn Owen

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carolyn.rose.owen or carolyn.owen

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St Ives Med Faire


Sydney Australia

About me

Costume Designer

I learnt to sew while in high school. My mother sent me to a sewing course during the summer holidays when I was16, and I hated it – I just wanted to go to the beach. However, whatever they taught me seemed to stick with me. Mostly since then sewing has been a hobby – making many of my own clothes, and then for my children.

In 1992 I won a scholarship to do a PhD at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA (nothing to do with sewing), While there I discovered Renaissance Festivals, and spent my summers working for a costumer at the Colorado and Maryland Renaissance Faires, also some years in the cast of the one in Maryland. I ended up spending 18 years in the US, 15 of which I worked summers at the faires

These days I sew for fun and pleasure. I make historical clothing – mostly Tudor and Elizabethan, Victorian (and Steampunk), and recently late Medieval, all of which can be adapted for Fantasy.

Carolyn Owen