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Carma Sharon – Actor

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Stage 32 and Steiny


Sydney Australia

About me

Carma is an Actress, Musician and a Model, best known for her role as Jamila M’barek in the American drama TV series Deadly Women (2015).
Her journey into acting is one that was always rooted in her from childhood and that passion has not dwindled since. Carma has appeared in numerous film and television roles including: Hello Au Revoir (2016), Innocent Killer (2016), Truth (2015) with Cate Blanchett & Robert Redford, The Daughter (2015) with Geoffrey Rush & Sam Neill, Embedded (2014), Black Comedy (2014) ABC, in countless Short Films and many more
With a Middle-Eastern heritages and a Latin beauty, Carma has expressive big eyes, strong emotional range and great comedy skills, commanding presence on stage as well as on screen. She has excellent command of a variety of accent skills and she also speaks and sings in several languages.
With her unique style and positive attitude to life, Carma enjoys new challenges as they bring out the best in her, she relishes hard work, commitment and has the drive and passion to develop a long career with a burning desire to perform. Carma currently resides in Sydney, Australia.