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Roderic Byrnes



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Born in Frankston, schooled in Mt Eliza, I am a Mornington Peninsula boy at heart. My Parents say hi, please say hi back… now. Studied Bachelor Arts/Commerce at Deakin University Burwood in my formative partying years, majoring in Human Resource Management and Drama, with a minor in Politics. To the dismay of my parents (have you said hello yet?) i deferred my degrees with one year left to go and find myself.

All through this time i had been acting, writing, and producing with like minded rad individuals who i had been lucky enough to meet along the way. I decided i needed to do more of this, and after some successes and a lot of failures (it’s just the truth) i decided i needed to get out of my comfort zone and apply myself to some intellectual pursuits. In short, i needed to learn more stuff. Fortunately for me, i was lucky enough to be accepted into the Acting degree at NIDA, where i found what i was looking for in an education, let’s leave it at that. Great times were had, a lot of hard work was done. I graduated from NIDA in 2006 and re-entered the world, this time in Sydney, where i have stayed.

I love the creative process, and i love collaboration. While i have spent many an hour worrying about auditions, and preparing for gigs, my absolute passion lies in creating something from the ground up. Theatre, film, tv- why not make our own stories? Or be in charge of our own companies? Choose the plays we want to do? Or write our own? 2009 saw the formation of Ion Nibiru, a production company that more like minded individuals and myself put together. Our debut production was ‘Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me’ by Frank McGuiness. I am proud to say that the production received great reviews, and has been a springboard for other ventures that the company has undertaken.

2011 saw us debut ‘The Birthday Boys’ a new play by American playwright Aaron Kozak. It also saw us take over a second business, Lovesac Australia. To be brief- Lovesacs are not a damn bean bag! They are Australian made alternative furniture. This venture is part of a long term plan to find new ways to support the arts in Australia and provide funding for our own and other original projects. While Ion Nibiru hasn’t completed a project in 2012, Lovesac has allowed us to work solidly behind the scenes supporting other projects like JOTS, and Kapow- a comic book review show. It’s also allowed us to spend a lot of time writing and preparing for 2013.

2013 will see Ion Nibiru make it’s first short film, and workshop (with a rehearsed reading) its very first original theatrical production (the season proper has been slated for march 2014). We will complete these projects, and continue to support JOTS and Kapow through Lovesac. Quite honestly, i couldn’t be happier… well… i could be, but i am happy about the journey i am on. (see what i did there)

So… what else? I love AFL, have no issue seeing a movie or a play by myself, and think people who play instruments are cool. Don’t ask me who my favourite actor is, because it’s an impossible answer. Yes, i am a choc top and frozen coke kind of guy, and yes i will whinge about how much crap i’ve eaten. Bourbon over beer, pizza over pasta. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 🙂

To finish- i am unashamedly asking you to click on our website, our facebook pages, our twitter accounts and click like, or follow and become involved in our community! Stop by and say hi, interact, share, throw us a smile, throw me a frown- i dont mind-Oh, and be my friend on here? Why was that a question?

Oh dear. 🙂


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