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Angela Holladay – Producer

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About me

I have started at the bottom… Where desire was just a fleeting thought in passing. Some could say, the moment of conception.

Learning, as I went through life, I would not have dreamt it would have landed me where I am at this moment in time. Me, right in front of YOU! Where we are, all who is reading this … where we meet in our minds for the first time.

Knowing there was something greater to be ascertained, the education I sought in my developmental stage (which I like to call my early teenage years), with nothing but a yearning deep down in my heart of hearts, a longing to gain more knowledge about anything and everything. I was oblivious to the fact that I was truly walking down my own path.

I AM a Leader.

I make my own way. I disapprove of conformity. The Road Less Traveled. (name that author!)

I know why I’m here. Do you?

My goal in this industry, is much like my goal in life. With that said, I’m in alignment with my purpose.

Congruent. The one word that defines who I am, to who I want to be.

As I was saying…. I started at the bottom. I can’t wait to tell my story. My name is Angela Holladay!

I just wanted to add:

I love Ghost Hunting (but I am the BIGGEST chicken you’ve ever seen though).
Paranormal, Physics, Quantum Theories, Metaphysics, Psychology, Biological Psychology, Researching, Investigating… Numerology, Astrology, Esoteric subjects,
I study Spirituality and various religions. I am definitely on my Life Path, which is #7.

I am also a singer/song writer, composer and musician: piano, guitar, bass, drums – so,so – and learning the violin.. Nails on a chalkboard, baby, nails on a chalkboard!
Martial Arts (Wing Chun)..

I AM an ARTIST in every single possible way. I love to INSPIRE and CREATE!

I am a woman of many Talents, abilities, skills and I can be very resourceful.

Specialties: Connecting people. “Working the crowd” and gaining reliable contacts to engage at a later date. Serving others unselfishly. Somehow, I became an expert at “gathering information.”…


Quotes that inspire

“All it takes it one moment to turn it all around.”
“You can’t soar with the eagles if you’re scratching with the turkeys.”