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Alex Soliven – Supervillian

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Yasmine Van Wilt


London, UK

About me

London based games developer, action figure and digital anarchist. (Badass)

Currently works as a Technical Artist
Before shifting to Game Development, I’ve worked on Film, Animation, Advertising in Post Production as VFX Supervisor, CG Supervisor and Technical Director.
I focus on pipeline and systems to get artists and developers to work together efficiently and effectively by laying out solid foundations to allow everyone to focus on what they do best. Including automating tasks.
Currently expanding into electronics focusing on sensors and unmanned vehicles.

Climbing big rocks/mountains, jumping out of airplanes, fantasy, drones and lifehacking.

Quotes that inspire

“If you’re gonna break a leg, kick arse while you’re at it.”
“Regular/Normal/Average is just lazy and boring. You’re none of these things. Express yourself fully.”
“Experience earth, leave the car.
Experience water, leave the boat.
Experience air, leave the plane.
Experience fire, follow the sun.”
“Comfort Zone: Expand and Absorb”
“Life’s too short to wait for the perfect opportunity.. and when it does the timing will be even worse.”
“It’s never fair. That’s why I’m constantly setting up to stay on the other side of the equation.”
“If saves me time and makes more money, I don’t mind the complications. If it wastes my time and takes away money, I just don’t care.”
“The right thing to do isn’t always good.. Yet it is necessary.”
“Just because my reality isn’t anything like yours doesn’t mean it’s not a valid one. It works for me.”
“Life’s not fair and it should be. I like it that way.”
“Slow down, there’s life to be had.”
“Fate.. Fuck you.”
“Doing Nothing” is probably the most fun thing to do when you’re often busy with everything.
“Many things in life are hard but not impossible. If you get yourself used to taking the easy way through everything, everything else will be even more difficult.” -DarkFire (to Neice Juliana Alexandra)
“Life wasn’t meant to be easy so stop whining.. Live every moment out of it.”
“Even if it scares you.. Would you let it stop you?”
“If you can’t buy it.. Crack it!”
“Create. Inspire. Stop at nothing.”