Day one

Red meteor dawn
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When a stream of meteors hurtles towards earth, scientists reassure the community they pose no danger. The shower puts on a spectacular light-show, illuminating the northern hemisphere’s night-sky but when dawn arrives an eerie red haze engulfs the land.

Unbeknown to scientists, the shower carries a guest who is awoken by the fiery entry into the atmosphere. As the red tide drifts to earth, every living thing north of the equator becomes infected. Overnight, the infection spreads across the land-bridges. 

The effect is immediate. At first, the infected experience euphoria but awakening desires are followed by cravings then a dramatic loss of all restraint.

That which has possessed humanity is hungry for life. In just one night, the very worst of human nature is unleashed wiping out billions and leaving only the islands of the southern hemisphere untouched…. for now.

The remnants of humanity flee south to Australasia beginning a journey between two worlds and humanity’s final evolution.

A horizontal squiggly thung

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Before ‘Day one’

The, ‘Three’ experience visions of another world.

Sydney, Australia. Nightclub – Night

DJ Kahlil works a deck. The club is alive but we hear no music. Khalil is lost in trance. The dull thud of the beat pounds away in the background.

The room disappears. Khalil, looks out over a vast plain, arms raised, conducting the elements to create a soundtrack to war.

Two vast armies converge on the plain before him. His cell phone lights up dispelling the vision and alerting him to an emergency. His day job as a paramedic is calling.

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Sydney. Investment bank – Day

Che, an acquisitions manager, peers over a glass balcony, high above a trading floor.

The floor below disappears. A bizarre medieval landscape unfolds. Che soars above it. Below, two vast armies converge.

Che snaps-back. The view of the busy trading floor returns and Che appears suspended mid-air on the glass balcony above. 

Toowyn - Journey of the seeds - Presence Films

Sydney. Construction site – Day

A road crew downs tools. They claim to have discovered an artefact from early colonization. It’s a shovel but they cannot extract it from the rock.

Toowyn, the Captain of the crew arrives and wrenches it out. He points to the ‘Bunning’s Hardware’ sticker on the handle. The road crew return to work. 

A freight train passes parallel to the site. It creates a hypnotic effect. As the last carriage passes, Toowyn overlooks a vast plain of soldiers and a looming battle. He is mounted on horse back and in battle armour. The vision lasts only a second. This is not the first of his visions, nor the last, for any of them.

A life never lived

A forgotten past

The three each share a common experience, memories that do not belong, experiences they have never had, visions of another world and a life they have never lived. 

The arrival of the the meteor storm and the three’s visions is not a coincidence. 

The mystery will be revealed and the pact the three make will determine the fate of humanity. Journey of the seeds is being developed as a long run TV series.

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Pilot summary

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