Day one – shoots

Day one David Steinhoff - Head of development - Journey development teamT

The Journey’s Think tank team created the ‘Day one’ scenario.

Our writers submitted draft scenes to explore the brief. ‘Vera or Samantha’ by Roderic Byrnes, formed a team around it.

The best of the story strands that follow the Day One event will be developed into their own unique stories.

For the purpose of delivering, ‘proof of concept’, we will isolate key visual components from the international scripts to show the arrival of the Day One event. That content will find its way into the first trailers.

The unique story strands created for the survivors of Day One in the northern hemisphere and the land-bridges will come later. 

You can view the development work undertaken to date for ‘Vera or Samantha’ by clicking the image below. 

A horizontal squiggly thung

Vera or Samantha

A horizontal squiggly thung


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