David Steinhoff - Head of development - Journey development team

David Steinhoff

Head of development

Steiny spends his days lounging about in a lovesac, watching Eastern European Noir. We’ve never seen him do anything productive.

He claims to run the website, initiate and manage projects for two slates, handle accounts, raise capital and manage human resources. 

Elizabeth Leigh - Journalist- Journey development team

 Elizabeth Leigh


Liz Leigh is the Journey site’s official journalist. Liz seeks out team members to interview and promote on the site. Liz’s hobbies include ‘shoes’, all of them.

Craig Delahoy

Craig Delahoy

Enhance specialist

Craig develops WordPress and Buddypress site improvements through our, ‘Enhance’ project. He holds the code to love, life and your IT challenge. 

Jennifer Seeley - Social Media Manager - Journey development team

Jennifer Seeley

Social media manager

Jen promotes our worldwide team members and Journey events across all our social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She also looks great in a Santa suit, (the bumps are in all the wrong places but she makes an impressive descent down a chimney).

Nathan 'Mac Daddy' Macdonald - Editor - Journey development team

Nathan ‘Mac Daddy’ Macdonald


Mac D is our favourite editor. He is a 10 year member of AA for Nugs Ginger Beer, is rumored to be brewing Croatian Grappa and is always up for adventure.

Elizabeth Gmaz - Cosplay - Journey development team

Elizabeth Gmaz


Liz is our Cosplay conquistadoress who runs the Journey’s Cosplay group. We have big plans for Liz and Cosplay.

Harry Leather

Harry Leather

Communications strategist

Harry explores how the team and our sponsors can collaborate to develop the Journey. ‘Spare the leather, save the team member’.

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