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The first season

Season One explores:

  • Day one – The return of the damned, (souls from the abyss return and possess the living) 
  • The overthrow of democracy in Australia
  • The introduction of three main protagonists, Toowyn, Che and Kahlil who each share surreal visions of another life and world
  • Fight or flight by the survivors in the north
  • The rise of the returned, (historical figures from the past)
  • A dangerous game begins between Toowyn and a psychiatrist, Amon Teicher
  • A people’s uprising in Sydney
  • The big reveal about who Toowyn really is and a cliffhanger ending

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Working title

‘Journey of the seeds’, the working title, refers to the seeds of humanity and their ultimate evolution. What can we become? What is our potential? What will our journey to that place look like? A new title 

Think visual metaphor

Know this. Nothing in Journey is as it appears. Everything is a metaphor, (visual or other), for a greater reveal. Journey is a layer cake that will keep surprising with each reveal. 

Three worlds

Season one takes place in the northern hemisphere, Australia-NZ and gives us glimpses of the parallel universe through the unique visions of the protagonists, Toowyn, Che and Kahlil.

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Proposed scenes

Day One

The arrival of the possession on Day One

  • Day one  – The cataclysm begins when souls from the abyss return to earth
  • The red door – A visual representation of the possession
  • Dasha   The return of two historical figures to a Moscow nightclub
  • Vera or Samantha – London, a father must decide which daughter to save
  • El Presidente – The return of feared historical characters to Barcelona
  • Prophecy – An Indigenous leader in Brazil witnesses the red storm and knows its meaning
  • When two tribes go to war – The possession arrives in Africa. Two enemies must work together to survive

Visions of the three

Before Day one : ‘Three moments’  An introduction to the three main characters of Toowyn, Che and Kahlil in Sydney, Australia and the beginnings of their visions 

After Day one

Australia struggles to make sense of Day One. New Zealand fights to survive

  • Prime Minister elect– Australia’s newly elected leader finds the electoral decision overturned 
  • Exodus – Those who can resist possession, fight or take flight from the north
  • Stop the boats – The PM issues a kill on sight order. No one will be allowed entry
  • Revelation – Toowyn experiences a prophetic vision of his future
  • The road – Toowyn is tasked by  property developer, Telamon King to build a road
  • Visions – Toowyn, Che and Kahlil each experience a series of visions of another world
  • Washboard – Toowyn is accused of terrorism and undergoes a gruelling interrogation
  • Session – Psychiatrist, Amon Teicher explores Toowyn’s history and condition. The men play cat and mouse. Both have a secret agenda
  • Occupation – New Zealand faces possession 
  • Cell – Falsely accused of terrorism and used as a scapegoat to impose an oppressive regime, a group within the Sydney community teams up with Toowyn and Kahlil to turn the tables
  • The Humpty paradigm – The fence-sitters take a fall when they fail to take sides
  • Red dawn – Sydney wakes to a sky red from horizon to horizon. The population fears the possession has arrived
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Story development 

Story development supports our ‘proof of concept’ argument for production investment

  • Writing of the pilot
  • Writing of the series bible
  • Concept art
  • Trailers
  • Development events
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Fan engagement

To engage fans, followers, sponsors and their employees, we plan to involve them in the Journey, with a mix of participation, competitions and the publishing of trailers and scenes.

  • Sponsor funded competitions where fans find visual story clues, which allow them to win competitions, in a mix of online and physical locations such as retail outlets and other venues. This allows us to use our stencil art graffiti work, our actors and even the Sponsor’s staff to act as clues yet also to bring the fans to the sponsor’s venue or specific location with a special offer they can redeem at the location, just by arriving


  • Cosplay competitions where fans can create their own versions of character costumes, attend events and win prizes

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