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Carol Baauw


Author Carol Baauw approached Presence Films with the idea of creating a feature film or TV series based on her work, ‘Journey of the Seeds’. The work consisted of a graphic novel and a series of novellas.

Carol commissioned concept artist, David ‘Snowy’ Shooter to create the artwork for the graphic novel. The world David and Carol brought to life was both dark and exhilarating but we had to pass.

The Australian Federal Government had just introduced the Producer Offset, a new tax legislation which limited Australian film-makers to creating content based solely on Australian culture. A parliament, seemingly living in a fantasy world, had brought about legislation forbidding fantasy. Laugh? We almost did.

Being a company dedicated to genre, we decided we had to find a way to make this work. To that end we created a hybrid version, inspired by Carol’s work, yet which had its origins in Australia.

We chose to make the story real yet tie it prophetically to humanity’s unfolding journey. We would tell the story of the next evolution of humanity. (No big deal right? I mean, how hard could it be?)

Thus, Journey of the seeds, the TV series being developed for global Cable, found its genesis.

Carol has created an inspiring tale and whilst the TV concept is a very different journey to her original story, it is inspired by the original work and Presence Films’ ongoing collaboration with the Author.

We are delighted to be working with Carol on this project. She is an inspiring and resilient person.

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Carol’s original series suits younger readers 9-15 y/o and features dragons, demons and warriors. The TV series being developed for global cable is designed for an adult audience. More ‘Game of Thrones’ less ‘Narnia’.





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