‘Begin the journey’ trailers

Nathan Mac Daddy Macdonald - Editor -  Journey development team


 You‘re invited to send in your own unique version of the, ‘Begin the Journey’ trailer.



What to do

Film yourself saying, ‘Begin’ and ‘Begin the journey.’


Where will this be used?

It will feature in one of our, ‘Begin the journey’ trailers.



You can record different versions. You can be angry, sexy, mysterious, surprise us. 

You can go solo or include your friends, workmates or family.

You can dress up, get into cosplay outfits, wear fantasy make-up or just be yourself. 

You can dance. You can sing. You can be deadly serious. 

You can strap-on a GoPro and parashute, skate, surf or bike your way into Journey history. 


Do I have to be a professional actor or presenter?

Nope.  We want you, being you, being more than you, having fun with it, giving it your all.


‘I don’t know which end of the camera to hold’

Collaborate! Team-up with crew in your city. See our Groups section. 


My agent won’t approve of me mixing it up with fans

Tell your agent to deal. This is the new frontier. These are your worldwide fans and they are a force to be reckoned with. Love the team and the team will love you. 



Avoid wearing glasses, unless you’re going for, ‘sexy nerd science chick’. 

Leave a five second gap between the two phrases, ‘begin’ ….’begin the journey’

You can shoot this on your GoPro, Ipad, a RED, a CANON 5D, in fact any camera or tablet that can generate a hi-def 1280 x 720 output. 

If using a tablet, ensure it’s horizontal, NOT vertical.

Make sure we can see and hear you.

Ensure the camera is steady, (that is unless you are jumping from a Cesna with a GoPro strapped on or you have a really cool rig that smoothes movement).

Avoid background noises such as planes, trains, cars, children, (unless they are part of your plan).

Avoid echo. Shooting in a monastery looks great but….


What is a 1280 x 720 output?

Not sure what a 1280 x 720 output or about a technical question? Contact, Nathan, ‘Mac Daddy’ Macdonald with your questions. He love questions. Click through his image at the top of the page.


How do I get it to you?

Upload your videos then share them with our site editor, Nathan Macdonald using either:






You can send around 15MB worth of files for free using these methods.

 *Nathan’s e-mail for sharing is nathan@fatboyfilms.com.au



Now extended indefinitely!



Everyone that participates gets a credit on the site as well as the video hosting sites.

We live for your happiness.

Adventure is calling… what will you do?

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